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Calisthenics Athlete Adam Raw vs Powerlifting Athlete Romano Rengel

Pretty interesting video showing a calisthenics athlete vs a power lifting athlete in a workout challenge. The challenge consisted of

Pull Ups 30kg 20 reps
Dips 60kg 20 reps
Squats 120kg 20 reps

This is more of an endurance challenge. Upon first glance we would have to give it to the calisthenics athlete. High reps are a common training method in calisthenics while powerlifting focuses on mostly low reps for pure strength. On top of this, two of the movements are pull ups and dips. The only thing that the powerlifter could have an edge in is the squats. He also most likely has great strength in dips from having a high bench. Watch the video below to see how they do!

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