24 Aug 2017

Calisthenics vs Weights vs Machines: Which is Best

Great video talking about the differences between Calisthenics, Weights and Machines.

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22 Jun 2016

Calisthenics Master – Osvaldo Luronnes

This guy possesses some serious strength! Watch this awesome video showing him display some amazing calisthenics and planche movements.

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31 Jan 2016

Calisthenics Athlete Adam Raw vs Powerlifting Athlete Romano Rengel

Pretty interesting video showing a calisthenics athlete vs a power lifting athlete in a workout challenge. The challenge consisted of Pull Ups 30kg 20 reps Dips 60kg 20 reps Squats 120kg 20 reps This is more of an endurance challenge. Upon first glance we would have to give it to

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18 Aug 2015

Running Outside Vs. Running on a Treadmill

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors Versus On a Treadmill When most of us hear the word “exercise,” images of the treadmill, free weights and the gym come to mind. But exercising outdoors may be more beneficial than hitting your local indoor gym. These five benefits of outdoor workouts may be enough

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13 Jul 2015

Get in Shape and Have a Blast This Summer with These Amazing Beach Workouts

Heading to the beach this summer on vacation, but want to stay active? The beach is a great place to relax, but it’s also the perfect spot to get an invigorating workout. In fact, you have an opportunity to get even more out of your workout than you do on

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03 Jun 2015

Another Plank World Record! George Hood

Just 4 days ago we posted about an awesome world record for the plank, compelted by Tom Hoel for a time of 4 hours and 28 minutes. We had no idea the record would be broken again so quickly! Ex Marine and fitness instructor George Hood just completed a 5

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01 Jun 2015

Bro Split with Calisthenics

“Yo bro what muscle are you training today?” The bro split. One of the most commonly used workout schedules you see in gyms today. You have the classic international chest day on Mondays. On this day you battle to find a bench. Then there is the infamous leg day that

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29 May 2015

A New World Record! Tom Hoel Dominates the Plank

A danish fitness instructor just beat the world record for a plank hold by 2 minutes. Most people can’t even hold a plank for two minutes to begin with. Tom Hoel held the plank for an amazing time of 4 hours and 28 minutes. The amount of endurance and will

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16 May 2015

Calisthenics vs Weights: The Debate Rages On

Yes. We’re going to add onto the age-old debate of calisthenics vs weights. While a lot of people know about the benefits of weights – there are many – they don’t realize that calisthenics can produce the same amazing results minus the costly gym membership. Compound Muscle Movements Working one

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09 May 2015

10 One Arm Muscle Ups!

Immense amount of strength and explosiveness!  

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