15 Apr 2015

Ring Flys

For this exercise you will need a pair of rings. This is an exercise similar to a chest fly lying on a bench with dumbbells. But of course with calisthenics we will make it more fun and use your body weight. Have the rings under neath your body with knuckles

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03 Mar 2015

Wide Grip Push-Up

A wide grip pushup is the same exact thing as a normal Push Up except instead of your hands being shoulder width apart you bring them out further. By doing this you put more tension on your chest compared to your triceps. Making this a great chest movement!

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01 Mar 2015


The pushup. One of the most widely known and used exercise. Even for weightlifting gym rats. The pushup is an excellent exercise to have in any calisthenics program. There are so may variations of the exercise that you can keep progressing to newer ways to do them. Assume a straight

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