This is a great workout that will really target multiple parts of your back.

The Workout:

A1: Wide Grip Pull Up 3×5-8

A2: Medium Grip Pull Up 3×5-8

A3: Narrow Grip Pull Up 3×5-8

B1:Wide Grip Chin Up 3×5-8

B2:Medium Grip Chin Up 3×5-8

B3: Narrow Grip Chin Up 3×5-8

C1: Sternum Pull Ups – 1 set to failure

Rest Periods:

– No rest in between exercises in supersets

– 1 minute rest in between supersets


When there is a letter that means those exercises are assigned to a specific superset. So for the first one you do Wide grip and immediately do medium and then narrow. No rest in between exercises. Once you are finished with narrow you rest a minute and complete the cycle again. Once you do 3 cycles you go on to the next superset “B”.

You will see we put the reps as 5-8. Depending on your strength you might be able to do more or less. The goal is to do the same amount for each grip, so don’t go too crazy with wide and not have enough gas in the tank to complete the narrow.

Finish off with some sternum pull ups, 1 set to complete failure.

If you can with the supersets try to not let go of the bar for the duration. Do wide grip and on your last rep launch up and switch grips. Challenge yourself!