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01 May 2015

The IIFYM Diet: A Flexible Way to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

The IIFYM diet is not just another fad. While many people are still cringing at the idea of eating carbs, others are finding that counting macronutrients is the right choice. It is a very popular diet in the bodybuilding world and the calisthenics world is starting to experience the effectiveness

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16 Apr 2015

Women’s Calisthenics Competition

At the 2015 Fibo Fitness Expo in Germany they held an awesome womens calisthenics competition. Check it out!

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15 Apr 2015

Ring Flys

For this exercise you will need a pair of rings. This is an exercise similar to a chest fly lying on a bench with dumbbells. But of course with calisthenics we will make it more fun and use your body weight. Have the rings under neath your body with knuckles

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15 Apr 2015

Lying Leg Raises

Lie on the ground with back flat and legs fully extended. Raise your legs off the ground and then lower them close to the ground and back up. The distance you raise them depends on your physical capability. You can try raising all the way up but if you cannot

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