12 Pieces of Calisthenics Equipment You Should Own

We decided to get a full list of calisthenics equipment you can use at your home and outside. We have tested each product and will give our opinion on which to buy.

1. Pull Up Bar:

If you were to buy only one piece of equipment for your calisthenics workouts this would be it. There are so many different exercises you can do on a pull up bar. Pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, levers, straight bar dips etc… There are a couple different types of pull up bars to get, however here are two we recommend.

For in home training we recommend this bar from amazon. We tried out a couple different ones but this was the most sturdy and did not damage the door moldings because of the thicker pads. A lot of other  bars have thin pads that mark up the moldings.

If you have space outside, the best thing in our opinion is building your own. Simply dig two holes in the ground about 3 feet down. Go to home depot and buy a 1 inch bar, cement and 2 – 10 foot 6×6 posts. Put the posts in the ground and level them out, mix cement and pour in the holes. Once cement is hardened drill holes in both posts and place the bar through. To make sure it does not spin you can put a screw through post and the pole. It is a very inexpensive way to have an awesome pull up bar in your back yard!

If you have any questions or need specifics shoot us a message, we gave a very broad way to go about it.

2. Olympic Rings/TRX straps:

Olympic rings are an amazing piece of equipment for really building some serious power and strength in your upper body. There are a ton of exercises done on the rings that just cannot be replaced with any other type of equipment. You can hang the rings on anything sturdy; a tree works just fine.

An alternative to Olympic rings is the TRX system. If given a choice between the two we would certainly recommend Olympic rings. However if you want something convenient to use inside your house go for TRX straps. They have a convenient door attachment so you can do exercises with any door.

3. Parallettes:

4. Jump Rope:

5. Dip Station

6. Ab Wheel

7. Resistance Bands

8. Weighted Vest

9. Weighed Belt

10. Stop Watch

11. Sound System

12. Workout Gloves


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